Read what the International Press is saying about 

                     Jamie Loving:

--"One classy, trashy dame!"
--"A skinny broad with a big voice."
--"With such a scrawny rack and that mug, she'd better have a
   killer voice... and SHE DOES!"
--"This awesome chick's gotta have brass ones somewhere...
     and SHE DOES!"


Welcome in to my well-worn boudoir.    If this is your virginal visit, then get ready to lose it.  If you're coming back for more, then I hope you find some new delights to  feast upon; little tid-bits tucked here and there...  Gotta  keep you Loving Lovers out there sufficiently stimulated. Think of it as foreplay...  

Well, OK, so I'm the one who Knighted him, but hell, he deserves it! HE'S A FRICKIN' GENIUS!!! Just ask 
the peeps on American Idol. (He's one of the 
pianists mentoring the singers both last season and for 2013. I knew him first, so there!) He's the creator of some of my best instrumental tracks, the most recent being, "Como Te Gusta Mi Pinga," at the bottom of the Pix n Vids page. The party's really going on over there, so check it out!

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No butts about it--this is   one awesome sight!...uh, site.
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   Crop riding on stage.
           Come spend a night at Jamie's           Comfort In & Sweets!!!
--Room service just the way you like it.
--She IS the complimentary tart on your pillow.
--No turndown service.  (She's never turned anybody down)
Clic" "I'm bluffin' with my muffin." 
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